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About us: We are a small and well organized team of people operating in the world of maritime engineering, transport and offshore installation. With a backgound in the inland navigation and Offshore & Marine business for more than 20 years our people come across a variety of equipment and spare parts in shipyards. Most of the time the equipment was purchased as a back-up spare parts package and is still stored allthought the vessel was already upgraded or even sold. With this in mind and when visiting maritime and offshore customers shipyard with a lot of parts and used equipment laying around we decided to start up the platform RemoraDocks. The “Dock” where you can present your new and used offshore and marine equipment and look for parts or equipment for your own project needs. Our vision is to be on- and offshore equipments’ most customer and project centric company; to build a platform where organisations in the marine industry can come to find and discover any equipment they may need to successfully run, complete and expand their maritime operations and projects. The name “RemoraDocks” is a combination of the word Remora, which is a supporting fish to “maintain” the bigger sea creatures like sharks and whales and a shipping “Dock”. Our team is ready to support and guide you on the RemoraDocks platform.

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Marten Toonderstraat 1, Utrecht, Netherlands


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